General Pharma Partners, Inc. invests in early stage and growth stage opportunities in the healthcare market. We target businesses that offer new or niche products or services. We look for businesses that offer the following attributes (when applicable):

  • Talented management
  • Distinguished device or service offerings
  • Strong intellectual property
  • Transformative platform

We approach investments by making control investments that range from $1 million to $20 million. We analyze and consider several factors, including historical performance along with organic as well as add-on acquisition growth potentials. Our goal is to acquire platforms for transformation, implement a strategy for growth and then exit within three to five years. Our portfolio companies will typically be sold to strategic or financial buyers.

With over 18 years of entrepreneurial experience in the healthcare industry, our investment team has several key areas which can add value to our portfolio companies. Some of these areas include:

  • Product and customer profitability analysis
  • Instituting operational best practices
  • Product development
  • Funding aggressive growth plans
  • Expanding and enlarging sales forces
  • Branding and marketing strategy development
  • Executive and staff recruitment