General Pharma Partners, Inc. is an independently funded healthcare focused investment firm. We manage $150+ million of equity capital and invest in early stage and growth stage opportunities. Our typical investments range from $1 million to $20 million. Our primary focus is medical device and healthcare service organizations, particularly drug delivery devices and specialty compounding pharmacies.

With over 18 years of entrepreneurial experience in the healthcare industry, our firm offers extensive industry knowledge and experience. Our industry expertise allows us the ability to assist our partners in developing strategic plans to accelerate growth. Our executives have experience in several areas including marketing, executive recruitment, device development, compounded formulation development, patents & trademarks, wholesale, importing, exporting, regulatory certifications, FDA and state board of pharmacy regulations.

We have been involved with all phases of the deal process including sourcing, due diligence, evaluating operating management, negotiating terms and conditions, monitoring investments, and exiting investments. General Pharma Partners is particularly well-suited to discover, evaluate, invest in and support emerging managers.

Our Criteria

  • A competitive position in an emerging or growth market
  • A clear and well articulated business plan with the potential to attain sustainable value
  • Attainable exit within the next three to five years
  • $1 million EBITDA and above (when applicable)
  • North American companies
  • Majority ownership preferred (may consider minority)